Pucklechurch Cricket Club 3rd Team-Saturday squad

3rd Team-Saturday
Dean  Freestone Member profile - no photo available

Captain : Dean Freestone

Luke  Rivers Member profile - no photo available

Vice Captain : Luke Rivers

Year you joined the club:2002 and then again 2006

Favourite food:pizza
Favourite band/musician:muse/matt bellamy
Favourite film: Pirates Of The Caribbean 

Pucklechurch joker:adam young
Pucklechurch best dressed: ryan watts
Pucklechurch worse dressed: chris boyle

Your hero/idol: matt bellamy
Your Pucklechurch idol: andy frankcom 
Favourite Pucklechurch cricketing moment: Scoring My first ever 100

Also I Probably have the most amount of ducks in Pucklechurch history
Jamie  Anstey Member profile - no photo available Jamie Anstey
D.O.B: 28/11/95

Favourite food:PASTA
Favourite band/musician: darran styles
Favourite film: i am jegand

Pucklechurch joker: andy frankcom
Pucklechurch best dressed: Reece Williams
Pucklechurch worse dressed: luke rivers.... green day t-shirt

Your hero/idol: james anderson
Your Pucklechurch idol: malcolm frankcom
Favourite Pucklechurch cricketing moment: coming runners up in the cup final under 13's.
Dan Fussell Member profile - no photo available Dan Fussell

highest score: 82*
Lee Griffiths Member profile Lee Griffiths
D.O.B: 9/4/81
Year you joined the club: Youth Team player, rejoined in 2003

Favourite food: Fajitas
Favourite band/musician: Alkaline Trio
Favourite film: Ghostbusters

Pucklechurch joker: Andy Frankom
Pucklechurch best dressed: Chef
Pucklechurch worse dressed: Barnesy

Your hero/idol: Ian Rush
Your Pucklechurch idol: Steve Toghill
Favourite Pucklechurch cricketing moment: Winning the league with the Two's
in 2007.
Daniel Hinsley Member profile - no photo available Daniel Hinsley
Bowler, underrated batsmen...
Nick Taylor Member profile Nick Taylor
Well lets see general club legend for all the wrong reasons !
Not very good but very occasionally I can get the ball off the square and shame you by getting you out in the single wicket.
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