Pucklechurch Cricket Club 1st Team_Saturday squad

1st Team_Saturday
Simon Hedges Member profile

Captain : Simon Hedges

D.O.B:                                             17 July 1967 
Year you joined the club:                  1980 

Favourite food:                                 gammon egg 'n' chips 
Favourite band/musician:                   The Jam    
Favourite film:                                   cannot sit still long enough   

Pucklechurch joker:                          Foxy 
Pucklechurch best dressed:               Nag 'all the gear/no idea' 
Pucklechurch worse dressed:            Adam Aquilani Young  

Your h
Ryan Watts Member profile - no photo available

Vice Captain : Ryan Watts

Jeff Fox Member profile - no photo available Jeff Fox
very old man
Lee Griffiths Member profile Lee Griffiths
D.O.B: 9/4/81
Year you joined the club: Youth Team player, rejoined in 2003

Favourite food: Fajitas
Favourite band/musician: Alkaline Trio
Favourite film: Ghostbusters

Pucklechurch joker: Andy Frankom
Pucklechurch best dressed: Chef
Pucklechurch worse dressed: Barnesy

Your hero/idol: Ian Rush
Your Pucklechurch idol: Steve Toghill
Favourite Pucklechurch cricketing moment: Winning the league with the Two's
in 2007.
Ashley Taylor Member profile - no photo available Ashley Taylor
 opening bowler who thinks he can bat but still cannot catch an easy one for love or money
Ben Wiltshire Member profile - no photo available Ben Wiltshire
D.O.B: 10/14/1996

Year you joined the club:2004

Favourite food: Steak

Favourite band/musician: Oasis

Favourite film: Pulp Fiction

Pucklechurch joker: Andy Frank

Pucklechurch best dressed: Me

Pucklechurch worst dressed: Luke Rivers

Your hero/idol:Liam Gallagher

Your Pucklechurch idol: Steve Frank

Favourite Pucklechurch cricketing moment:
Not getting a trophy for my 155 against Downend.
Adam  Young Member profile Adam Young
Best slip fielder at the club . . . scary resemblance to Aquilani.

D.O.B: 2/5/90
Year you joined the club: 1998

Favourite food: Curry
Favourite band/musician: Bullet For My Valentine
Favourite film: I Am Legend

Pucklechurch joker: Andy Frankcom
Pucklechurch best dressed: Reece Williams
Pucklechurch worse dressed: Steve Frankcom (80's shorts)

Your hero/idol: Graeme Smith
Your Pucklechurch idol: Steve Frankcom
Favourite Pucklechurch cricketing moment: Hitting my first 100 in a twenty20 in 2008 and taking my 6fer and the end of last season. That was a memorable game.
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